Reissumies Finnish Rye Bread 4-pack (frozen)

Reissumies Finnish Rye Bread 4-pack
NZD 11.50 Weight: 220 g
Brand: OululainenOululainen


For decades, Reissumies (Finnish for 'A Traveling Man') has been one of Finland's bestselling bakery products.

Reissumies is a soft piece of rye bread that tastes as amazing at home or outdoors, cold or hot. Reissumies is naturally high in fiber (10%) and without any additional additives or preservatives. It also freezes well and only needs a quick defrost in your toaster! Finns love it with a slice of good cheese like Emmental, a piece of ham and cucumber slices. Or some herring with boiled eggs. Or smoked salmon on lettuce. Or cod roe paste. Or liverwurst. The possibilities are endless!

4-pack, 220g.


Please note this bread is frozen, but can be shipped and re-frozen!


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