Anthon Berg Strawberries in Sparkling Wine

NZD 19.99 Weight: 220 g
Brand: Anthon BergAnthon Berg


Unique and delicate marzipan treat with strawberry fruit filling and champagne covered with a thick coating of delicious dark chocolate. Gluten free. Contains alcohol. 8 pieces. 220g box

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, strawberries 11%, almonds 10%, apricot kernels, glucose syrup, spirits, wines: champagne 2%, white wine; cocoa butter, milk fat, ethyl vanillin and other flavourings, citric acid, emulsifier: rapeseed/canola lecithin; thickener: pectin; sorbic acid.

Minimum 54% cocoa solids in the chocolate. alcohol max. 1.9%

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