Blå Band Classic Brown Sauce (Gravy) 3-pack

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NZD 7.99 Weight: 0.1 kg
Brand: Bla BandBla Band


Brown sauce (gravy) with its well-balanced flavor easily becomes a favorite with all the family. The sauce goes well with fried meat and minced meat dishes, chops and sausage. It is also excellent as a base in various stews. 66g. 3 bags provide 3 x 3 cups sauce.


Ingredients: Wheat flour, corn starch, salt, vegetable fats (palm), sugar, flavour from meat extract, colouring (ammonia caramel), tomato, yeast extract, apple, emulsifier (sodium triphosphate, soy lecithin), lactose, onions, milk protein, maltodextrin .

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