Blackforest Cheese Kransky

Blackforest Cheese Kransky
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Brand: Blackforest Gourmet ButcheryBlackforest Gourmet Butchery

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New Zealand

The Kransky originated in Slovenia. Our German butcher has changed some of the ingredients and added lots and lots of Tasty Cheddar Cheese. The Cheese Kransky is a wicked sausage for epicures. An indescribable sausage experience! Cooked on the BBQ or in the frypan or can also be simmered. Put in boiling water, turn the heat off - and wait 10 minutes.


Cheese kransky can be served with curry sauce on top; mustard, ketchup and a piece of dark bread in the most common form in Austria as a Käsekrainer-Hot-Dog. The bread used is very similar to a French baguette, but shorter (200–250 mm long). The bun is cut open at one end and a hole is poked into it with a warm 1-inch-diameter (25 mm) metal rod. The next step is to put sauce in the hole. Austrians usually select one or all from the following three: sharp mustard, sweet mustard, and ketchup.


Made in NZ to a traditional German recipe.Pack includes 4 sausages, approx 420g

Ingredients: pork, beef, water, cheese, salt, spices, phosphate, sodium nitrite. Gluten Free


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