Blackforest Ham (frozen)

Blackforest Ham
NZD 15.99 Weight: 280 g
Brand: Blackforest Gourmet ButcheryBlackforest Gourmet Butchery

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New Zealand

Made the traditional Blackforest way. Blackforest Ham is dry cured over several weeks to get as much as possible moisture out of the meat. The nicely trimmed pork legs are than slowly cold smoked for at least one week. Thinly sliced Blackforest Ham, served with melon or grapes make a sensational Entrée. It also goes very well with cheese and crackers and is sensational on sandwiches. Made in NZ to a traditional German recipe. Approx. 280g piece (not sliced)


Blackforest Toastie a la Safka


Please note this product is frozen. If you order this product online, please make sure it will be used upon arrival.

Blackforest Mac & Cheese


Ingredients: pork, salt, spices, sodium nitrite

Gluten free. Low carb (carbohydrates 0.1g per 100g, of which sugar 0.1g)


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