Blackforest Smoked Bratwurst (Rookworst)

Blackforest Smoked Bratwurst (Rookworst)
NZD 14.50 Weight: 430 g
Brand: Blackforest Gourmet ButcheryBlackforest Gourmet Butchery

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New Zealand

The smoked Bratwurst (Bauernbratwurst or Rookworst) is a mainly beef sausage containing some pork for originality. In the German language 'Bauer' means farmer. They had their cattle and pigs in the old days. Slaughtering one of each of those animals every year for the family, left them no other opportunity, but mixing both meats in one sausage. Grandmas secret spices made them what they are. The smoked Bratwurst on your BBQ will make new friends. Warning: Do not heat them up in Sauerkraut. Why? Your friends will never leave!

Made in NZ to a traditional German recipe. Pack includes 4 sausages, approx 430g

Ingredients: beef, pork, salt, spices, phosphate, sodium nitrite. Gluten free.

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