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Caotina Original Chocolate Drink Powder

NZD 16.99 Weight: 200 g

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Drink powder containing cocoa with real Swiss chocolate. 200g

Caress for the senses. Caotina Original is the gentle seduction to drink. The cocoa-based beverage powder is refined with real Swiss chocolate and has a full-bodied and chocolaty taste. Soluble in cold and warm milk, it takes just a few simple steps to create a treat for everyone who wants to lean back and be pampered. The contents of the packaging are sufficient for approx. 15 servings.

Ingredients: Sugar, low-fat cocoa powder (with emulsifier sunflower lecithin), glucose, 7% chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, low-fat cocoa powder, aroma vanillin), mineral dicalcium phosphate, aroma vanillin, table salt. Cocoa: at least 45% in the chocolate 

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