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CarpeBio Mandello Organic Vegan Chocolate

NZD 8.99 Weight: 100 g
Brand: CarpeBioCarpeBio



With this noble cocoa chocolate from Frankonia you not only receive a noble packaging but also the finest cocoa taste in the best organic quality. The gluten-free and vegan chocolate bar is made from cocoa and made into an unforgettable treat with rice powder and almond paste. This chocolate bar is naturally lactose-free, free of milk protein and otherwise contains only vegetable ingredients from organic farming. Why not try another variety of the "Carpe Bio Premium cocoa chocolates" right away - they are available in our shop! 100g

Ingredients: sugar, rice powder (dried rice syrup, rice flour, rice starch), cocoa butter, almond paste, rice starch, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour, salt