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Dr. Oetker Raspberry Jelly

NZD 3.50 Weight: 25 g
Brand: Dr OetkerDr Oetker



Dr. Oetker Jelly Raspberry flavor ('Götterspeise') is particularly popular due to the bright red color and delicious raspberry flavor. Make the jello optically refined by making some of the cooked food slightly thick and then frothy. Since 1920, Dr. Oetker jelly is known as a refreshing food for the summer months. Because of the refreshing taste, the shaky consistency and the intriguing color, Dr. Oetker raspberry jelly is always a great pleasure! 2 bags. The contents of one bag is sufficient for 500ml of water and gives four portions.

Preparation:1. Mix contents of 1 bag and about 100g sugar in a saucepan, then stir in 500ml water. 2. Heat while stirring until everything is dissolved (do not boil!). 3. Pour liquid into dessert glasses or a glass bowl. Let cool briefly, then chill at least 5 hours in the refrigerator.

ingredients Gelatin, acidifier (fumaric acid), flavoring, color (concentrates of black carrots and hibiscus).