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Estrella Lentil Chips Dill & Chives

NZD 6.99 Weight: 110 g
Brand: EstrellaEstrella



Chips don't have to be made of potatoes to be super good! Lentil chips with the taste of Dill & chives are a tasty snack option with 40% less fat than our usual chips, 13% protein, and 100% good taste. Estrella's Lentil chips Dill & Chives are not only incredibly good, but also vegan and gluten-free. This means that even more people can enjoy really good snacks1 110g bag

Ingredients: Lentil flour (38%), corn flour, rice flour, sunflower / rapeseed oil, spice mix (maltodextrin, onion powder, salt, sugar, yeast extract, acids (lactic acid, citric acid), garlic, parsley, dill, chives, dill extract, natural aroma), corn starch, potato starch, green pepper powder.