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Fazer Dark Rye Crisps

NZD 5.50 Weight: 215 g
Brand: FazerFazer



Thin Fazer Crisp, made of wholemeal rye, is a unique Finnish product ('hapankorppu' in Finnish), baked in the traditional way using sourdough.  Rye malt gives Fazer Crisp Dark Rye a dark colour and a sweet, refined taste. The crisps acquire a crunchy structure and intensive taste of rye during several hours of baking. Made with sourdough, 100% wholegrain, Rich in fibre, No additives. Fazer Crisp – the best of Finnish nature.A modern and tasty product for those looking after their own well-being. 215g

N.b. the Fazer Crisps are sold under the Oululainen brand in Finland!


Ingredients: Wholegrain rye flour, rye bran, rye and barley malt, yeast, syrup, salt and water.