Fazer Rye Crisps

NZD 5.99 Weight: 200 g
Brand: FazerFazer


A modern and tasty product for those looking after their own well-being. Thin Fazer Crisp, made of wholemeal rye, is a unique Finnish product ('hapankorppu' in Finnish), baked in the traditional way using sourdough. The result is a crisp bread full of unique aroma that also meets the modern requirements for health. 200g

N.b. the Fazer Crisps are sold under the Oululainen brand in Finland!

Crushed Rye crisps can be used in many recipes to add extra crunchiness into dishes.

Caviar Tart Recipe

Leek & Capsicum Tart


Ingredients: Wholemeal rye flour, rye bran, yeast, salt and water. High fibre. Baked with sourdough.


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