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Hengstenberg Salted Dill Gherkins

Hengstenberg Salted Dill Gherkins Pickles
NZD 9.50 Weight: 720 g
Brand: HengstenbergHengstenberg



Gherkins in a hearty infusion with the harmonic tart-sour and slightly salty taste of the original well-known “Sour gherkins”. Dill Pickles in Brine, different from other gherkins, do not get their flavour from a vinegar infusion, but through lactic acid fermentation. First of all, the gherkins are placed into barrels filled with salt water, herbs and spices. The fruit sugar contained in the gherkins is converted into lactic acid through the activity of lactic acid bacteria, similar as with sauerkraut. Then the gherkins are filled into jars with the original brine.


Ingredients: pickles, brine, salt, dill, mustard seeds, natural flavours of herbs and spices. No preservatives. 720ml glass jar.

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