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Oululainen Jälkiuunileipä Finnish Rye Bread (Frozen)

Jalkiuunileipa Finnish Organic Rye Bread
NZD 8.99 Weight: 400 g
Brand: OululainenOululainen



Jälkiuunileipä has been an integral part of the Finnish food culture for over 60 years. The old tradition was that all bread in the house for the year was baked in a few days, in a large oven that took a long time to cool after being fired. Thus, jälkiuunileipä (lit. after-oven bread) could still be baked in the residual heat. The longer baking time in the lower temperature gives it a darker color, higher density and hardness than regular rye bread.

Jälkiuunileipä has no additives or preservatives and freezes well needing only a few minutes in a hot oven or a short burst in a microwave to be as fresh as the day it was baked!


Please note this bread is frozen, but can be shipped and re-frozen!.