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Knorr Fix Crispy Roast Chicken

NZD 2.99 Weight: 29 g
Brand: KnorrKnorr



Everything you need to prepare a juicy crispy chicken roast!


Ingredients: starch, bread crumbs (WHEAT FLOUR, yeast, salt), iodized sea salt, 7% peppers, egg white, sugar, palm oil, salt, caramel sugar syrup, flavorings (EI), lemon juice powder, egg yolk powder, rosemary, maltodextrin, pepper.



For 1 whole chicken (about 1kg) or 4 chicken drumsticks (250g each), fresh or frozen

1) Defrost the whole chicken. Don't defrost the drumsticks. Place on an roasting tray.

2) Mix content of sachet with 5 tablespoons of oil.

3) Spread the marinate on top of the chicken using a brush.

4) Cook for 50 to 60 minutes at 200C (preheated oven).