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Knorr Fix Wiener Schnitzel

NZD 2.99 Weight: 100 g
Brand: KnorrKnorr

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Knorr's most popular mix for Wiener Schnitzel! A perfect blend of spices for the tastiest Schnitzel ever. Easy to prepare with your choice of pork, veal or chicken. One package will coat 3 x 150g schnitzel pieces. Place the package contents on a plate. Rinse the schnitzel under cold water and then bread them on both sides. Fry the breaded schnitzel in hot oil until golden brown.

Ingredients: bread crumbs (wheat flour, salt, yeast, paprika), rice flour, egg white powder, iodized sea salt, palm oil, egg yolk powder, spices, starch, sugar, yeast extract, salt, flavorings (with egg)