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Kockens Potato Starch Flour

Kockens Potato Flour
NZD 5.99 Weight: 500 g



Potato starch flour, an essential ingredient in many European baking recipes.

Gluten-free powdery flour made from cooked, dried and ground starchy potatoes. It is mostly used as a thickener in sweet or savoury sauces and soups. It gives a clear result, being suitable to be used in clear fruit soups and sauces. It can be mixed with a cold liquid before being poured into hot dishes in thin stream, whisking continually, and cooked only briefly. Potato flour can also be mixed with cold ingredients and brought to a brief boil. Potato flour can also be used to replace a part of wheat flour in cake, Swiss roll or cookie doughs to make the cakes moist, soft and spongy and to give the cookies an extra crumbly texture. 500g

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