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Kylmänen Reindeer Pate

Kylmänen Reindeer Pate
NZD 18.99 Weight: 210 g
Brand: KylmanenKylmanen

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Farmed reindeer from Finnish Lapland. Reindeer meat is very tender and lean and is a staple food in Lapland. 185g


This spreadable Arctic delicacy is a delightful mix of pork and reindeer liver and goes great with rye bread or crispbread.


Ingredients: Pork meat, reindeer meat (18%), water, reindeer and pork liver (14%), pea starch, vegetable fiber (pea), soy protein, salt, glucose, spices (eg. Nutmeg, cardamom), stabilizer (E450), oxidation - inhibitor (E316), aromas (including smoke flavor.), acidity regulator (E575), a preservative (E250). Meat content: 63%.