Mahoe Farmhouse Quark (frozen)

Mahoe Quark
NZD 9.99 Weight: 500 g

New Zealand

Quark is a fresh dairy product, similar to fromage frais. There are two main variants, a soft German-style quark and a firm Russian-style quark. Our quark is the soft, smooth type and is made in Kerikeri to a traditional European recipe. Made from fresh cow's milk and vegetable rennet and culture with no artificial ingredients. 500g tub. 


Quark can be used instead of butter in pie crusts and pastry doughs, as a filling in sweet or savoury cakes and pies and in various desserts like cheesecakes, mousses, puddings, pancake batters, etc. It is much used in cooking in Finland, Germany and many other European countries. Plain or variously flavoured quark products, often sold in pots like yogurt, are popular snacks and desserts in many countries


Quark is often used as an ingredient for sandwiches, salads, cheesecake (Käsekuchen or Quarkkuchen in Germany, Quarktorte in Switzerland, Topfenkuchen in Austria, kwarktaart in the Netherlands, rahkapiirakka in Finland) and cheese pancakes (syrniki in Russia). In Latvia, quark is eaten savoury mixed with sour cream and spring onions on rye bread or with potatoes.


Available frozen at our shop. If you order this product online, please make sure it will be used upon arrival.



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