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Malax Limpa Sweet & Savoury Bread Loaf (frozen)

Malax Limpa Sweet & Savoury Bread Loaf
NZD 14.99 Weight: 500 g



The genuine Malax Loaf is made entirely according to a traditional recipe with no preservatives or additives. The taste of the Malax Loaf is sweet and savoury. The original production methods give the bread its natural, refined taste and excellent shelf life. The taste of the Malax Loaf's whole grain only gets better with age. It has been made since 1906 in Swedish-speaking Western Finland and is now exported into many countries.

Malax Loaf is milk-free and lactose-free. 325g sliced loaf.


Please note this bread is frozen, but can be shipped and re-frozen!

Ingredients: Whole grain rye flour, Water, Syrup, Wheat flour, White flour, Yeast, Salt (1.2%)



Energy  1120kJ (270kcal)
Protein  8.1g  
Carbohydrates  53.5g  
-of which sugars  12.6g  
-of which
saturated fatty acids

Fibre  6.4g  
Sodium  0.5g