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Niederegger Master Selection Gift Box

NZD 39.99 Weight: 300 g
Brand: NiedereggerNiederegger

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A Masterful chocolate delight with a selection of the best nougat, truffle and marzipan chocolate pralines!

The delicious Niederegger Meister selection in the large 300g box offers luxurious chocolates for all tastes. Creamy nougat pralines, full-bodied marzipan and the finest truffles make up the trio of delicacies that you can discover in this mixture. The tasty selection is ideal for giving away and as a versatile offer on the coffee table.

In this mixture you get the following varieties:

2x nougat cream

2x nougat nut

2x nougat cashew

2x marzipan classic

2x marzipan pistachio

2x marzipan pineapple

2x marzipan espresso

2x truffle mousse au chocolat

2x truffle cream

2x truffles Marc de Champagne

2x truffle Stracciatella

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