Pågen Gifflar Cinnamon Buns (frozen)

NZD 13.50 Weight: 280 g
Brand: PagenPagen


Pågen Gifflar Cinnamon buns are beautifully baked with a wonderfully delicious filling. Enjoy with a coffee, on a picnic, with your friends or just on your own when you really fancy one! It’s so simple. With Pågen Gifflar genuine Swedish Cinnamon buns, you’re always in good company! 300g bag


Available frozen in-store, can be shipped and re-frozen if not eaten immediately!



Ingredients: Wheat flour, cinnamon filling 22% [sugar, margarine (vegetable oil and fat, water, salt, emulsifier (E471), acidity regulator citric acid, flavoring), brown sugar, water, apricot kernels, modified starch, cinnamon, preservative (E282), stabilizer pectin, salt , glucose syrup, almond], milk, vegetable oil, sugar, yeast, egg, water, salt, raising agents (E450, E500), preservatives (E200, E282), and plant-derived emulsifier (E471).

Pågen Gifflar Cinnamon Buns contain: Gluten, Egg, Milk, Lactose, Almond

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