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Pågen Lingonberry Rye Sourdough Bread (frozen)

NZD 16.99 Weight: 550 g
Brand: PagenPagen

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For those who love soft, wonderfully moist bread! Rich wholemeal rye combined with our own sourdough, which adds a gently acidic flavour. The lingonberries provide tasty, well-balanced fruitiness. 500g sliced.


Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, whole wheat flour, whole rye flour, rye flour, syrup, crushed whole grain rye, sourdough wheat and whole grain rye (4%), barley wort, wheat gluten, wheat bran, rapeseed oil, yeast, lingonberry (1.5%), red currant, salt


Please note this bread is frozen, but can be shipped and re-frozen!




Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, rye flour, whole grain rye flour *, whole wheat flour *, sugar syrup (glucose, fructose and sucrose), crushed whole grain rye *, ferment (wheat and whole grain rye *), wort, wheat gluten, sugar, wheat bran, yeast, vegetable oil (canola), lingonberry (1.5%), red currant, a fermented wheat flour and salt (0.75%).

* Whole grain content of 18%, equivalent to 29% of the grain raw materials.

Lactose-free. Milk. Fiber rich. No preservatives.

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