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Perstorp Vinegar 24%

Perstorp Vinegar 24%
NZD 7.50 Weight: 0.5 kg



There are several kinds of vinegar, common to them all is that they contain acetic acid, but the concentration varies. It is acetic acid which is the active ingredient and its preservative effect and creates a hostile environment for mold and bacteria in cooking.

Perstorp Vinegar is absolutely clean, 24-percent vinegar. 300ml bottle.

Follow the dilution instructions on the bottle or in your recipe.

Vinegar 24% should not be consumed undiluted. Remember that vinegar is a skin irritant. Do not breathe vapors. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Upon ingestion of undiluted vinegar, 24% seek medical advice. Keep Vinegar 24% out of the reach of children.

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