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Ruf Vanilla Sauce Cooking Mix (3pack) BB 31/05/2019

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Brand: RufRuf

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Chocolate pudding, red fruit jelly and fruity desserts taste twice as good with the RUF vanilla custard sauce. One bag of makes 500ml RUF vanilla custard sauce. This is a 3-pack makes 1.5L custard in total. Suitable for vegans when prepared with non-dairy milk alternatives.

Preparation: You need 500ml milk (1.5% fat) and 30g sugar per bag

1. Remove approx 6 tsp of the 500ml milk, and stir it into the sauce powder and the sugar. 2. Bring the rest of the milk to boil. Remove the milk from heat, add the stirred powder and bring to boil again while stirring. 3. Stir the sauce occasionally during cooling so that no skin is formed.

Note: If you want a more viscous sauce, use 400ml milk.

Ingredients: Starch, color (norbixin, riboflavin), flavor


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