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Toro Ertestuing Mushy Peas BB 09/06/2019

Toro Ertestuing Mushy Peas
NZD 13.99NZD 8.39 Weight: 167 g
Brand: ToroToro

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Mushy peas the Norwegian way. Traditionally served alongside meatballs or stock fish. This product is a sachet of instant ertestuing, just add water and boil. Quick and easy and so very Norwegian! Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gluten free. 167g

1. Clear bag contents into a saucepan with 500ml water.

2. Boil, stirring and simmer for 15 minutes.


Ingredients: peas 93%, sugar, corn starch, salt, canola oil, aroma, citric acid, antioxidant (sodium bisulfite), color (curcumin).


Best before date: 09/06/2019. A ‘Best Before’ date refers to the quality of the food. This date gives you an idea of when the food should be eaten if you want to eat it at its best quality. After the ‘Best Before’ date it is likely that the quality of the product may begin to change. It isn’t a safety issue and food can still be sold by shops beyond its ‘Best Before’ date as long as it’s still fit to eat.