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Trumpf Nut & Fruit Chocolate Liqueurs

NZD 19.99 Weight: 250 g

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The alcohol praline specialty woith cherry liqueur, apricot liqueur, black currant liqueur and peach liqueur flavours in finely crystallized sugar crust, covered in dark and light milk chocolate and crispy hazelnut splinters. 250g

Ingredients: Sugar, HAZELNUTS (15%), Cocoa paste, Water, Cocoa butter, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, Cherry liqueur (2%), Peach liqueur (2%), Apricot liqueur (2%), FULL CREAM MILK POWDER, BUTTER, Thickener (Gum arabic), MILK SUGAR, SWEET MILK POWDER, Emulsifier ( SOY LECITHINE), CREAM POWDER, vanilla extract, aromas, salt, natural flavor

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