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Fazer Marianne Peppermint Pralines BB 22/11/2018

NZD 5.99NZD 4.49 Weight: 120 g
Brand: FazerFazer



Marianne has a thick, crisp and fresh mint-flavored coating hiding a wonderful milk chocolate heart. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 120g bag

Marianne was launched in 1949 and is one of the most iconic Finnish brands.

Best before date: 22/11/2018. A ‘Best Before’ date refers to the quality of the food. This date gives you an idea of when the food should be eaten if you want to eat it at its best quality. After the ‘Best Before’ date it is likely that the quality of the product may begin to change. It isn’t a safety issue and food can still be sold by shops beyond its ‘Best Before’ date as long as it’s still fit to eat.



Ingredients: Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa mass, vegetable fat (palm, shea), cocoa butter, flavorings, emulsifier (soy lecithin). May contain milk.


Special note:
Low lactose, contains soya lecithin, gluten-free (20 mg/kg)

Nutritional value g/100 g

energy kJ 1850.0
energy kcal 440.0
protein 1.7
carbohydrate 82.0
sugar 70.0
lactose 0.2
fat 11.0
saturated fatty acid 6.7
fiber 2.2
sodium 0.00

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