Anthon Berg Marzipan Milk Chocolate Baileys

NZD 4.20 Weight: 33 g
Brand: Anthon BergAnthon Berg


A classic - Anthon Berg Marzipan bread with sweet marzipan filling covered with layers of velvety.

It all started in 1884 when Anthon Berg first started selling their now world famous chocolate. It was not long before rumors of his quality chocolate spread and more people began to queue up outside his shop.

In order that customers would feel good and their waiting time would be a bit tastier Anthon Berg began distributing its delicious marzipan bread.

Success was soon a fact and just like any Anthon Berg Marzipan bread products became very popular and was first produced in larger quantities in 1898. And they are manufactured according to original recipe today. 33g.

Ingredients: Sugar, ALMONDS, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, Baileys aroma mixture 7% (aroma, dye (caustic sulphited caramel), CREAM, sugar, MILK PROTEIN, emulsifier (mono- and/or diglycerides of fatty acids), acidity regulator (trisodium citrate), alcohol), glucose syrup, SWEET WHOLE MILK POWDER, MILK FAT, emulsifier (lecithin), preservative (sorbic acid), vanilla extract. 

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