Bla Band Bearnaise Sauce Mix 3-pack

NZD 7.99 Weight: 96 g
Brand: Bla BandBla Band


A classic Béarnaise sauce with a creamy, balanced flavor with tarragon. Serve with entrecote or sirloin steak, French fries, or flavorful vegetarian dishes like ground beef patties, roasted root vegetables, and grilled appetizers! This is a 3-pack and each pack makes 175ml of sauce.


Whisk the contents of the bag into a pan with 150ml cold water. Bring to boil while stirring and let it simmer for about 1 min. Remove the saucepan and add 25g of butter/margarine. Whisk until the fat is melted. 

Ingredients: Palm fat, modified starch, nonfat MILK POWDER, maltodextrin, LACTOSE, emulsifiers: E451, E322, acid: E330, MILK PROTEIN, yeast extract, salt, onion, dried EGG YOLK 1.0%, tarragon 1.0%, aroma, turmeric, parsley 0.3 % 

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