Blackforest Fleischwurst

Blackforest Fleischwurst
NZD 13.99 Weight: 350 g
Brand: Blackforest Gourmet ButcheryBlackforest Gourmet Butchery

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New Zealand

A delicious combination of beef, pork and assorted spices. The Fleischwurst comes in horse shoe shaped rings and is mildly smoked. It is also very popular for the traditional German and Swiss Wurstsalat. A piece of Fleischwurst, eaten cold or just heated up in simmering water makes also a fabulous lunch or dinner.

Fleischwurst is also the closest substitute you'll find in NZ to the Finnish 'HK Sininen' or the Swedish 'falukorv' sausages.

Made in NZ to a traditional German recipe. Gluten free. Pack includes half a ring of a fleischwurst, approx 350g

Ingredients: pork, beef, salt, spices, phosphate, sodium nitrite. Gluten free.

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Oven Baked Fleischwurst Sausage


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