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Haribo Labre Larver Sweet Licorice Caterpillars

Haribo Labre Larver Sweet Licorice Caterpillars
NZD 5.99 Weight: 120 g
Brand: HariboHaribo

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More-ish sweet licorice lollies covered with caramel flavoured glaze. Once tried, you won't be able to resist them! 120g bag

Ingredients: Sugar, wheat flour, malt syrup, glucose syrup, corn starch, fruit or botanical concentrates: safflower, lemon, carrot, hibiscus, invert sugar syrup, caramel, ammonium chloride, flavor, color, curcumin, carmine, titanium dioxide, gelatin, anti-caking agent: talc, palm oil , Surface treatment agent: beeswax white and yellow preservative: sorbic acid.

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