Haribo Sally-Soft Mix Salty Licorice Marshmallows

NZD 6.99 Weight: 100 g
Brand: HariboHaribo


HARIBO Sally-Soft Mix is a bag of candy that contains a mix of two different marshmallows. The square-shaped Sally Soft candy combines the mild taste of salty licorice with the softness of a marshmallow. In the UFO-shaped candy, the delicious salmiakki foam has also been accompanied by a small touch of aniseed. Both salmiakki marshmallows are classic sweets from the 1980s! 100g bag

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, gelatin, raw licorice, ammonium chloride, aroma, palm oil, surface treatments (white and yellow beeswax, carnauba wax)

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