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Jalostaja Finnish Pea Soup Vegan

NZD 8.99 Weight: 435 g



In Sweden and Finland it is traditional to eat pea soup ('hernekeitto' in Finnish, 'ärtsoppa' in swedish') on Thursdays, served with pork and mustard and followed with pancakes for dessert. In Finland the soup is made of green peas, in Sweden yellow. The tradition of eating pea soup and pancakes on Thursdays is said to originate in the pre-Reformation era, as preparation for fasting on Friday. This is a vegan version made with kidney bean protein. 435g

Mustard is an important part of the dish, but the soup is served without it so that diners can stir it in to taste.
The soup is then normally followed by pancakes with jam (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cloudberry or similar) which are regarded more as part of the meal than as a dessert.

Ingredients: Water, pea, onion, HÄRKIS® kidney bean preparation (6%, kidney bean, water, pea protein, rapeseed oil, kidney bean flour, stabilizers (E460, E461), iodized salt, molasses, modified corn starch, modified corn starch, (sugar coloring), vegetable fiber, black pepper), salt.

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