Läkerol Lemon (Sugar Free)

NZD 3.20 Weight: 23 g
Brand: LakerolLakerol


Läkerol is a Swedish brand of candies hugely popular all over Scandinavia. The candies are sugar- and calorie-free pastilles with the major ingredient being gum arabic.

Läkerol Apple Elderflower is fruity with flavors of crisp green apple and sweet elderberry. In addition to providing a good taste as pastilles soothes the throat and freshens breath. In addition, sugar-free, of course!

Läkerol was founded by Adolf Ahlgren in 1909 and because of their founder, every candy is stamped with the imprint of the letter "A". The name "Läkerol" comes from the Swedish word "läka", which means "heal". Gluten free. Suitable for vegans. 23g.


Ingredients : Sweeteners (maltitols, sorbitols, steviol glycosides), stabilizers (gum arabic), acid (citric acid), lemon juice concentrate 1.3%, dye (lutein), natural aroma, vegetable oils (coconut, rapeseed), surface treatment (carnauba wax).


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