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Mildessa BBQ Curry Mango Sauerkraut

NZD 6.50 Weight: 400 g
Brand: HengstenbergHengstenberg



This BBQ kraut brings a fruity freshness to your barbecue with the ensemble of a fine curry note and tropical mango puree. Discover this unique blend of tradition and holiday - to juicy-bright grilled meats, fresh fish and delicious seafood. The BBQ kraut fits perfectly in a delicious wrap. the Sweet Golden Curry Mango is equally tasty warm and cold!

Gluten free. Vegan. 400g bag (ca 3 portions)

Ingredients: Sauerkraut (white cabbage, salt), 50% curry-mango sauce (water, sugar, 5% mango puree, seasoning, onions, peppers, curry powder (contains mustard), vegetable extract (carrot, celery, leek), natural spice flavors, modified starch , Antioxidant ascorbic acid