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Mildessa Mild Sauerkraut with Wine

Mildessa Mild Sauerkraut with Wine
NZD 8.99 Weight: 850 g
Brand: HengstenbergHengstenberg



Mildessa Classic

Thanks to the manufacturing process developed by Hengstenberg, the Mildessa Sauerkraut is very mild and juicy. The content of vitamin C and the low number of calories makes sauerkraut as an important ingredient for a healthy and balanced diet. Whether used as raw vegetables, salad or in a traditional way of meat and sausage dishes, Mildessa Sauerkraut can be a refined flavor as desired.

Cabbage, wine, salt

Saucepan: Place contents into a saucepan and heat over medium heat for about 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add some water or broth if desired.
Microwave: Place content in a microwaveable container, stir well and cover. Heat maximum 10 minutes at 600 Watts.

Size: 850ml tin