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Milka Delicate Moments Mix

NZD 16.99 Weight: 169 g
Brand: MilkaMilka

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Discover the delicious variety of delicate Milka moments: Milka Toffee Whole Nut, Milka Almond Caramel, Milka Caramel, Milka Whole Hazelnut, Milka OREO and Milka Alpine Milk.  169g gift box

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, palm oil, cocoa mass, sweet whey powder (made from milk), butterfat, glucose syrup, hazelnuts, wheat flour, glucose-fructose syrup, almond pieces, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, E471), low-fat cocoa powder, hazelnut mass, almond paste, wheat starch, table salt, Raising agent (E501, E503, E500), flavors, vegetable oils (soy, cottonseed), acidity regulator (E524).

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