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Milka Mix Advent Calendar Star

Advent Calendars
NZD 39.99NZD 19.99 Weight: 213 g
Brand: MilkaMilka



It's the mix that makes it! Everyone who likes Milka's chocolate will love the Milka Mix Advent calendar! It is filled with 24 popular Milka Christmas products made from pure alpine milk chocolate.

In this large sized 350mm x 350mm Advent calendar the following highlights are included:

2 x Santa Claus milk chocolate, 5 x Mini Santa Claus milk chocolate , 3 x Christmas friends, 4 x Fine Alpine Milk Baubles, 4 x Fine Noisette Hazelnut Creme Baubles, 3 x Fine Oreo & Milk Chocolate Baubles, 3 x Fine Daim & Milk chocolate baubles.

Please note design may vary.