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Ruf Agartine Vegetarian Gelling Agent (Agar-Agar)

NZD 4.99 Weight: 30 g
Brand: RufRuf



RUF Agartine (agar-agar) is a pure herbal gelling agent derived from algae and is a plant-based alternative to gelatin. With Agartine both sweet desserts and hearty aspic get their stiffness in a natural and healthy way. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 3 x 10g pack


For cold masses:  Boil Agartine with about 200ml of liquid in a saucepan for 2 minutes. Then stir in the cold ingredients and shape quickly in the appropriate form. With the addition of whipped cream (as for pie fillings) allow to cool a little because the cream will melt.

For hot masses: mix Agartine in the liquid and boil for at least 2 minutes. Depending on the recipe chill for1-3 hours.


Warning: When working with acidic liquids or vinegar, use double the amount Agartine!


Ingredients: Maltodextrin, gelling agents Agar Agar (22.5%)