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Ruf Vanilla Pudding 3pack

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Brand: RufRuf

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A classic among desserts! Using the RUF Vanilla Pudding Powder you can quickly prepare a delicious pudding for children or adults who simply can't wait. Delicious, whether hot or cold, enhanced with fruits or with whipped cream - it's always a delight. Prepare with 500 ml of boiling milk, yields 4 servings of delicious vanilla pudding. Gluten free and vegetarian. Suitable for vegans when prepared with non-dairy milk alternatives.

Triple-pack 3 x 37g makes a total of 1.5 liters of delicious pudding!

Instructions: Mix pudding powder with 2-3 tbsp (50g) sugar and stir until smooth. Gradually mix, with about 6 tbsp 500ml cold milk. 2. Bring remaining milk to the boil, remove from heat, and stir in the prepared mix. 

Ingredients: Starch, salt, flavoring, colors (norbixin, riboflavin)

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