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Toms Pingvin Heksehyl Salty Licorice Bag

Toms Pingvin Heksehyl Salty Licorice Bag
NZD 5.99 Weight: 130 g
Brand: TomsToms

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Classic sugar coated soft Danish salty licorice (known as Heksehyl in Danish, Häxvrål  in Swedish and Noitapilli in Finnish). 130g bag


Ingredients: sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, molasses, wheat flour, 3% raw licorice extract, 3% ammonium chloride, modified maize and potato starch, fully hardened vegetable fat (palm kernel, coconut), gelatine, emulsifier (mono And diglycerides of fatty acids), moisturizing agents (glycerol), salt, flavoring.


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