Valsemollen Danish Rye Bread Baking Mix

NZD 16.99 Weight: 900 g


Valsemøllen Rye Bread is packed with sunflower seeds and flax seeds. The combination of seeds and grains added with rye leaven gives a juicy rye bread with good taste and nice slices. Valsemøllen have mixed the flour, grains and sourdough for you - they call it home baking the easy way! You do not compromise on taste, quality or baking pleasure. The result is a delicious juicy rye bread with good taste, good bite and nice slices. Perfect for everything from the breakfast, the lunch table and the extra good lunch. Yeast is included. 900g

Ingredients: 34% RYE FLAKES, 15% RYE FLOUR, WHEAT FLOUR, 11.5% sunflower seeds, 8% flaxseed, 4% WHOLE GRAIN WHEAT FLOUR, 3% Dried WHEAT SOUR DOUGH (WHEAT FLOUR starter culture), salt with added iodine, dark roasted BARLEY MALT, OAT fiber, enzyme

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