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Wasa Muesli Gourmet Crispbread

NZD 7.99 Weight: 220 g
Brand: WasaWasa

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Muesli Gourmet from Wasa is a thin crispbread topped with muesli. The crispbread is baked on wholemeal rye and the muesli consists of wheat flakes, oats, corn, rye, barley, crushed spelled and a touch of brown sugar and cinnamon. The delicious crispbread can be taken out with advantage when the little hunger strikes. Enjoy Müsli Gourmet from Wasa with a little mascarpone and a few slices of strawberry, or spread a layer of neutral cream cheese on and eat the crispbread as an afternoon snack. 220g

Ingredients: WHOLE GRAIN RYE FLOUR), cereal flakes (WHEAT, OAT, MAIZE, RYE, BARLEY, SPELT), cinnamon sugar preparation (brown candy sugar, cinnamon), vegetable fat (shea, caramelized sugar syrup), BUILDING MALE EXTRACT, salt, corn starch

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