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Trumpf Vodka Chocolate Cocktails

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Liquid-filled alcohol chocolates with milk chocolate and white chocolate coating with roasted hazelnut pieces

Sparkling and full-bodied. With Trumpf Nuts in Vodka Cocktails you can experience the well-known chocolates in a completely new and delicious way. Underneath a tasty topping made of finest chocolate refined with crispy hazelnut pieces, there is a crunchy layer of sugar. Underneath you can expect a variety of fillings with the finest vodka specialties. A sparkling variety that arouses the desire for more.

In this mixture you get the following varieties:

     Vodka Lemon
     Moscow Mule
     Vodka gin

100g gift box


Ingredients: sugar, hazelnuts (15%), cocoa mass, water, cocoa butter, vodka (4.4%), whole milk powder, liquor type Vesper, skimmed milk powder, butter oil, natural flavors, thickening agents (gum arabic), lactose, sweet whey (milk) emulsifier (lecithin (SOY)), lemon lime liqueur, cranberry concentrate, natural lemon flavor with other natural flavors, vanilla extract, cucumber distillate, salt, lime oil.

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