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Niederegger Mini Marzipan Stollen

NZD 7.99 Weight: 80 g
Brand: NiedereggerNiederegger



With the Niederegger marzipan stollen comes a traditional pastry onto the Christmas table. The  fruity sultanas and the juicy filling of marzipan make this cake a delicious composition, which promises a great pleasure especially during the Christmas season. The Niederegger marzipan stollen size is about 130x50x70mm. Contains alcohol. 80g

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, raisin, ALMONDS, Clarified Butter, Sugar, MILK, Dextrose, Palmoil, Glucose Fructose Syrup, Lemon Peel, canola Oil, Yeast, SOY FLOUR, Inverted sugar syrup, Hardened Palmoil, Orange Peels, WHEAT STARCH, Rum, Emulsifier: E 471, alcohol, aromas, palm oil, cottonseed oil, iodized food salt, natural lemon flavor, spices, antioxidant: alpha tocopherol, acid regulator: citric acid, natural flavor, acidifier (citric acid, acetic acid)

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