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Fazer Rye Crisps 9 boxes - Save 10%

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NZD 49.50NZD 44.55 Weight: 1.8 kg
Brand: FazerFazer



A modern and tasty product for those looking after their own well-being. Thin Fazer Crisp, made of wholemeal rye, is a unique Finnish product ('hapankorppu' in Finnish), baked in the traditional way using sourdough. The result is a crisp bread full of unique aroma that also meets the modern requirements for health. 200g x 9 boxes


Buy a case of 9 boxes and save 10%!



Crushed Rye crisps can be used in many recipes to add extra crunchiness into dishes.


Caviar Tart Recipe


Leek & Capsicum Tart

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